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Project Description

The company owner reached out to Spark Online Retail to create a brand new website.  The project involved integrating their Instagram profile with the website display in addition to creating several pages for landscape design packages offered to customers in addition to booking a consultation with the owner.  Custom forms were developed for each package type which coincided with a house type such as cape, colonial, etc.

A website page was developed to showcase before and after pictures of completed projects.  The site is optimized for desktop and mobile.  The company went through a rebranding and Studioscapes became Kavadas Landscape Design.  So naturally, the website was changed to reflect the new direction.

About Kavadas Landscape Design

Prior to Kavadas Landscape Design LLC – Studioscapes LLC was a part time freelance design service that was offered to home owners and contractors. Founded in 2020 the owner/designer Nick Kavadas created his first remote design for a landscaper in NJ. Soon to follow word of the business spread to homeowners and landscapers alike. This niche market was recognized by the everyday homeowner as a way to finally transform their home into their dream oasis (with a helping hand). We pride ourselves on the relationships we have established with local landscapers, garden centers, and family owned businesses. Kavadas Landscape Design LLC is a refreshed and rebranded version of Studioscapes that offers more services at a higher quality so that clients can have an even better design experience.

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