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Here’s what I need to begin your website design project.  Files can be exchanged using Dropbox, which is an easy to use, reliable, private and secure method for sharing files.

Logo Files

I’ll need your logo, preferably in a digital format that is good for the web, such as .PNG or .JPG. If you’d like a transparent header background, the logo file must have a transparent background. Also, if you have a favicon already, I can add that to your new site or create a favicon for you. The site favicon is a small image that appears in the tab of a browser (i.e. Google Chrome or FireFox) window.



Product descriptions, founder introduction, Services and contact information can form the various sections of the site. This content should be optimized for keywords which are searchable on the web and can be used to find your website pages. If you would like to have a Blog on your website, it would be necessary to have a current article or two to get started. I can help you create or edit content.


Your login credentials for your current website host and cPanel will be needed. If this is a new site build, I can recommend the hosting company I use which is fast, reliable, has a lot of storage, security and all for a reasonable cost.


I will use WordPress to create or redesign your website. Did you know that WordPress sites comprise over 40% of the entire internet? WordPress is great and highly customizable! With that, I’ll need Admin access to your site if you already have one established. Changing platforms may involve moving from one solution or domain registrar to another. I can assist you with buying a domain name, configuring your existing domain with your registrar, or a combination of transferring your domain and/or hosting to my registrar and host or another of your preference.


Having high quality, fast loading, relevant images is key to a successful website deployment. Images add design and help to communicate your message to the desired audience. I can help optimize your images for the web using techniques to increase load speed, so if you can provide images in the highest resolution available, that would be appreciated.

Style Guide

Any existing styles used by your organization, such as for fonts or colors would be needed to make sure messaging is consistent. If you have a brand guide or other documentation it would be great to have this information. Also, if you have a comparable website or template you like for your industry which can be referenced, that could provide direction for your new site. Just let me know at the outset of your new project.


The WordPress Content Management System has a plethora of plugins that can be implemented to add functionality of other software products or applications to your website. For example, if you have a preferred email marketing platform, CRM, or the need to accept online payments. I can help you select a plugin along with program it into your new website.



It’s good to have an idea of your desired keywords ahead of time to help with Google-friendly content generation. I can provide additional SEO services, such as connecting your site to the Google Search Console, Google My Business, and Google Analytics if not done already. Also, SEO for every page of your site.